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integrative life coaching.

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disability mentorship.

inclusive wellness.


Disability & Independent Living

Interabled Relationship Guidance
Caregiving Dynamics

 Therapeutic &
Adaptive Recreation

Meet Lily
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i'm katie

and i really love helping people.

I’m an adaptive recreation enthusiast, inclusion advocate, freelance writer, nature admirer, and thriving wildflower. A Wisconsin girl at heart, I strive to paint with my words, illustrating a soulful connection with nature and outdoor adventure. With a background in Human Development & Family Studies, and certifications in Reiki therapy and Integrative Life & Wellness Coaching, I find fulfillment in encouraging others to embrace their distinctive beauty. When not engaging in coaching or advocacy, you'll likely find me hiking an accessible trail, adoring a sunset, or eating a s'more somewhere. 


Oh, and I’m beautifully disabled.


During toddlerhood, I was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA type 2) and I’ve used a wheelchair for freedom and mobility ever since. I grew up in a small town where there were zero people like me residing. As I transitioned into adulthood and began to explore the world (not the entire world, mostly the Great Lakes region — but you’d better believe I have a bucket list) I noticed there were a few more people like me out there. I made strong connections with fellow disabled rebels and sweethearts alike, but I realized something very quickly: this world was not built for us, and we travel pretty unique paths as we attempt to propel ourselves beyond societal barriers. Most of the time, we just want to be seen and heard. And, a good ramp is always helpful.


Journeying forward, I’ve learned a lot of lessons in navigating life with a disability. I’ve recruited caregivers, became adept at hard discussions, flirted with comfort in the uncomfortable, attempted independent living (and still currently living, so that’s a win), basked in the highs and lows of interabled relationships, found strength and light in the most curious places, planted boundaries, removed boundaries and re-planted them, dabbled in self-acceptance, and fell madly in love with adaptive outdoor adventure. 


I feel like I’ve lived. Really lived. And there’s still so much more to discover.


Yet, I think back on all the moments and days that I wish I would’ve had someone like me in my corner. Someone relatable. Someone who knew what this life is like, even if just a smidge and a pinch. Over the years, I realized the value in the shared experience of disabled life and professionals who work in this realm.


So, I did something about it. I became an Integrative Wellness Coach with a collective focus in disability mentorship, self-advocacy discovery, empowerment, inclusive wellness, interabled relationship guidance, adaptive recreation, caregiver dynamics, and independent living. I enjoy working with people of all ages, but I hold the greatest degree of experience in helping younger adults with physical disabilities, as well as families and children.


As your coach, my job is to guide you toward alignment and balance in any area you’re feeling stuck or suffocated. My intent is to bring resources, perspectives, and possibilities within your reach. Through various techniques, we’ll determine a path that works best for you.


Whether you cope with a disability, chronic health condition, or you simply want to be coached by someone who will sincerely listen and help you spot your mountain in the distance, I’m here. I hope you consider traveling to new places with me. 

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